How adesso Turkey Implemented a Successful

Lead Generation Strategy with NBT (Next Big Thing)


adesso Turkey

Founded in 2013, adesso Turkey is a fully-owned subsidiary of adesso AG, one of the leading IT providers in the German-speaking markets in 9 countries. adesso Turkey focuses on the core business processes of companies by providing both consultancy and customised software development.

Creating and delivering digital solutions for both German-speaking markets and Turkey, and with more than 260 employees, the company offers Interaction Room Methodology and UX/UI Consultancy.

Goals and Challenges

adesso Turkey was aiming to increase qualified leads generated from its marketing activities, as well as retaining its current customer base.

For this reason, the company needed to implement an end to end growth marketing structure where every process was linked to another, easily monitored, measured and optimised.

The Solution

In line with the company’s main focus of transforming traditional businesses into digital ones through agility, adesso Turkey was in need of the right digital tools to achieve its overall goals.

As a result, the company partnered with NBT (Next Big Thing) to utilise NBT’s Marketing Machine Platform — an end-to-end Growth Marketing Suite.

Our Approach

Building and executing a successful growth-driven marketing strategy is NBT’s expertise area- with the combination of our Growth Team and Marketing Machine Suit.

While our growth team establishes the strategy, our Marketing Machine Platform links every process to the next and enables users to track and iterate even large scale data.

We have used our Marketing Machine Platform at every step of our approach with adesso Turkey.

Phase 1: Growth Marketing Check-Up

At first, we started with the “Growth Marketing Check-Up” in collaboration with the adesso Turkey team. We carried out:

  • An internal analysis (covering the 4Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion)
  • Competitor research and analysis (covering the 4Ps)
  • Current and potential customer insights

At the end of this step, we defined the products and services explicitly and gained a clear picture of adesso Turkey’s brand positioning.

Phase 2: Growth Marketing Strategy Development

When the products, services, and positioning were identified, our growth marketing team completed the following:

  • Created Personas and identified the goals & challenges for each product
  • Built Growth Funnels according to each persona and product
  • Defined Targeted Metrics for each funnel

Phase 3: Funnel-Based Planning

On the Marketing Machine platform, we generate growth tactics in 4 growth areas: Reach/Attract, Engage/Convert, Nurture/Close, and Retain/Grow.

At this stage, we created Growth Marketing Plans and Growth Tactics -where we established the marketing actions to be taken- associated with related growth funnels and personas.

After creating the tactics, we added Targeted Metrics and Growth Funnel Areas for each tactic.

Phase 4: Growth-Driven Management- An Ongoing Process of Monitoring, Measuring, and Optimising

The Marketing Machine is an AI-based platform that correlates and links data and provides users with valuable insights at each stage. adesso Turkey utilised this technology to monitor the complete customer journey covering all components in one dashboard (such as how many visitors become leads and how many leads are qualified or become customers).

Moreover, the Marketing Machine allowed adesso Turkey to compare all active funnels according to the Product/Solution, Persona or Landing Page, and see which funnel worked better. This enabled the company to optimise tactics according to the insights.


Generated Traffic and Awareness, Increased Qualified Leads, and Improved Retention Rates:

The solid growth structure built by the NBT growth marketing team resulted in relevant communication with potential customers and enabled adesso Turkey to generate more relevant leads as well as keeping current customers with various marketing activities.

Maximised ROI:

Our advanced Growth Funnel Report allowed adesso Turkey to track and compare various metrics for each funnel, positioning or persona in one dashboard. This enabled adesso Turkey to adjust the marketing budget, decide which funnels and campaigns work best, and iterate their marketing strategy accordingly.

It was very important for us to be able to iterate our end-to-end marketing operations agilely, and the Marketing Machine is a great platform for this purpose. We also thank the NBT team for their support in daily operations and for the growth tactics they recommended to us.

Duygu Bulum
Marketing Communications Manager at adesso Turkey

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