NBT Growth Pros Program

Become a Certified Growth Marketer and unlock career opportunities in NBT Growth Ecosystem within 2 months
490 GBP | 8 weeks
Growth Pros Program Stages
Program Stage 1
Foundation of Growth-Driven Marketing (First Month)
Growth Sessions (Virtual on-demand via GMH platform)
1- Growth Marketing Strategy
- Growth-Driven Marketing Checkup
- Growth-Driven Marketing Strategy Creation
2- Reaching and Attracting Potential Customers
- Content Marketing (covering SEO/ASO)
- Social Media Marketing
- Paid Media (covering Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, TikTok Ads, Quora Ads, Reddit Ads, Pinterest Ads)
- Earned Media Marketing
3- Engaging and Converting Potential Customers
- CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)
- Website Engagement
- App Engagement
4- Nurturing and Closing Leads
- Lead Nurturing: Email Marketing
- Sales and Marketing Automations
- CRM (Customer relationship management)
5- Retaining and Growing Customers + Growth-Driven Marketing Management
- Customer Lifecycle Management
- Closed-Loop Reporting
Mentorship Sessions (Interactive)
Weekly 30 min Mentorship regarding assignments with assigned Growth Marketing Consultant
- Create a persona
- Create a positioning
- Create a growth funnel
- Create tactics for reach & attract stage
- Create tactics for engage & convert stage
- Create tactics for nurture & close stage
- Create tactics for retain & grow stage
Growth Webinars
Growth Spotlight - Growth Insights from Industry Experts
Growth Rollercoaster - Ups and Downs of Growth Stories
Program Stage 2
Growth Marketing Project Presentation / Graduation (Second Month)
Mentorship Sessions (Interactive)
Bi-weekly 30 min Mentorship regarding project presentation with assigned Growth Marketing Consultant
Build and deliver a Growth Marketing Project
Growth Webinars
Growth Spotlight - Growth Insights from Industry Experts
Growth Rollercoaster - Ups and Downs of Growth Stories
Present your Growth Marketing Project and become a Certified Growth Marketer
Program Stage 3
Integration Into NBT Growth Community
Alumni meetings
All graduated Growth Marketers will have the following benefits:
- Access to MDP (Market Development Program): MDP is a contract based partnership program, any selected candidates will be a part of NBT team full time or part time and work with NBT team to increase NBT's penetration in targeted markets.
- Access to TPP (Talent Pool Program): TPP is a program facilitated by NBT team to connect brands who are looking for talents in growth/digital marketing related roles and NBT Fellows.
- Recommendation letter from NBT for related job applications
- Free access to GMH Platform
- Access to NBT Slack Community Group
- Access to Exclusive Events/Webinars
Growth Pros Graduates will be encouraged to co-create value with the NBT Growth community via co-marketing activities, participation in events as panelists, and more.
Who Is This Program For?
working in a non growth/digital marketing related role and switch career into growth marketing
Fresh Graduates
who are new to growth marketing field and try to find first growth marketing role
working in a growth/digital marketing related role and wanting to enhance their knowledge
Program Onboarding Process
Step 1
Checkup Questionare to test your current growth marketing knowledge and your motivation for future career
Step 2
Session with a Growth Marketing Consultant to choose the best learning path for you
Step 3
Access to GMH and assigned path
How will the program be delivered?
Growth sessions will be delivered 100% on-demand via Growth Marketing Hub platform. Yet, you'll have interactive mentorship sessions with your assigned Growth Marketing Consultant.
How much time should I dedicate to studying?
Each growth session will take 1-2 hours and after each session the program participants are assigned a task and expected to complete the assignments during the first stage of the program. The amount of time you spend on the tasks weekly depends on your own goals and existing knowledge of growth marketing.