NBT Fellows Program

Virtual Internship to be a Growth Marketer
Apply to NBT Fellows Program: a free, comprehensive, growth-focused career program.
First Month
Learn growth marketing from experts and create marketing outputs
Second Month
Present your Growth Marketing Project and graduate
3-6 Months
Integrate to NBT Growth Community and unlock career opportunities
The Next Big Thing Fellows Program Stages
Program Stage 1
Foundation of Growth-Driven Marketing (First Month)
Growth Sessions (Virtual on-demand via GMH platform)
1- Growth Marketing Strategy
- Growth-Driven Marketing Checkup
- Growth-Driven Marketing Strategy Creation
2- Reaching and Attracting Potential Customers
- Content Marketing (covering SEO/ASO)
- Social Media Marketing
- Paid Media (covering Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, TikTok Ads, Quora Ads, Reddit Ads, Pinterest Ads)
- Earned Media Marketing
3- Engaging and Converting Potential Customers
- CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)
- Website Engagement
- App Engagement
4- Nurturing and Closing Leads
- Lead Nurturing: Email Marketing
- Sales and Marketing Automations
- CRM (Customer relationship management)
5- Retaining and Growing Customers + Growth-Driven Marketing Management
- Customer Lifecycle Management
- Closed-Loop Reporting
Mentorships (Interactive)
Mentorship via Q/A sessions
- Create a persona
- Create a positioning
- Create a growth funnel
- Create tactics for reach & attract stage
- Create tactics for engage & convert stage
- Create tactics for nurture & close stage
- Create tactics for retain & grow stage
Growth Webinars
Growth Spotlight - Growth Insights from Industry Experts
Growth Rollercoaster - Ups and Downs of Growth Stories
Mentors and Program Coordinator will choose the most engaged Fellows to move on to Phase 2
Program Stage 2
Growth Marketing Project Presentation / Graduation (Second Month)
Mentorships (Interactive)
Mentorship via Office Hours
Build and deliver a Growth Marketing Project
Growth Webinars
Growth Spotlight - Growth Insights from Industry Experts
Growth Rollercoaster - Ups and Downs of Growth Stories
Present your project and become an NBT Fellow
Program Stage 3
Integration to NBT Growth Community. Once a Fellow, Always a Fellow
Alumni meetings
All graduted Fellows will have following benefits:
- Access to MDP (Market Development Program): MDP is a contract based partnership program, any selected candidates will be a part of NBT team full time or part time and work with NBT team to increase NBT's penetration in targeted markets.
- Access to TPP (Talent Pool Program): TPP is a program facilitated by NBT team to connect brands who are looking for talents in growth/digital marketing related roles and NBT Fellows.
- Recommendation letter from NBT for related job applications
- Free access to GMH Platform
- Access to NBT Slack Community Group
- Access to Exclusive Events/Webinars
Fellows will be encouraged to co-create value with NBT Growth community via co-marketing activities, participation to events as panelists, etc
Everyone who is interested in growth marketing and digital marketing can apply to our program.
Application window: 15 September - 10 October 2022
Our team evaluates all applications and send invitations to the NBT Fellows Program to eligible candidates.
Upcoming Cohort
Date: 15.10.2022
Online, English
Apply to the Fellows Program
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