Top 15 Books for Entrepreneurs

Written by Oguz Ozdil

Building the world of the future with innovative ideas is the main motivation for most entrepreneurs. Although it is easy to start a business, running a business successfully requires surviving various challenges. 

Following real-world examples and ideas from successful business owners can help you overcome these challenges and create a solid business plan. By reading business books, you can reach wisdom easily and start your entrepreneurial adventure one step ahead with the inspiration you will get.


15 Inspiring Books to Read for Entrepreneurs


We have brought together 15 important books that will help you on your path to turning your entrepreneurial ideas into successful, real-life stories.


Made to Stick 


The authors of Made to Stick use human psychology and real-world examples of success and failure to explain why some ideas stick and others don't

With the potential to completely change the way you look at ideas, this book has long been a bestseller and has inspired many entrepreneurs to develop their ideas.

Authors: Chip Heath & Dan Heath


The Lean Startup 


Eric Ries talks about the mindset required for any start-up to turn into a success story, regardless of its scale, with a scientific approach. He never puts the possibility of failure aside. He explains that failure isn't about luck–it's about making the wrong decisions at the wrong time.

If you are looking for a methodology to follow in the process of creating your start-up, this book can easily become your favorite.

Author: Eric Ries


Rich Dad, Poor Dad


Robert Kiyosaki talks about how his own father and his friend's father influenced his perspective on money. The book, which discusses how a child's financial perspective should be structured, mentions that getting rich is related to one's interaction with money.

With a friendly and humorous style, this book has the potential to completely change an entrepreneur's view of money, like a child learning.

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki


Shoe Dog 


Phil Knight is the owner of the world-famous sportswear chain Nike. In this book, Knight explains what lies behind Nike's success story.

The fact that it is a reflection of real-life examples and written from the eyes of an entrepreneur makes the book very valuable. Knight is also a very successful narrator. Filled with humor and excitement, this book is sure to not disappoint you.

Author: Phil Knight


Think And Grow Rich 


As a successful motivator, Hill describes the lessons he has learned from interviews with hundreds of inspirational figures in Think And Grow Rich. It is built with steps to help you understand the mindset of successful and wealthy people

Those who want to adopt the thinking strategy of important entrepreneurs should not miss this book.

Author: Napoleon Hill


Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future


The ideas in this book have inspired many famous entrepreneurs. It suggests not to be limited to standard ideas while building the future, but to consider earnings and success holistically

This lecture book by one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, Peter Thiel, is a solid resource for entrepreneurship.

Author: Peter Thiel


The Hard Thing About Hard Things


Horowitz is a well-known and experienced figure in Silicon Valley. In this book, which he mostly created with opinions taken from his blog, he talks about the difficulties of creating a start-up and how to turn it into a strong company by coping with these challenges.

Consisting of years of observations by an experienced entrepreneur, this book can help you gain a whole new perspective.

Author: Ben Horowitz


Purple Cow


In this book, Seth Godin explains his perspective on the product, which is one of the most important factors in marketing. This book will help you understand how to make your product unique and the process of creating stories for products that will be remembered for years with examples from many successful companies.

Author: Seth Godin



How to Win Friends and Influence People 


As the name suggests, this book aims to increase your networking capacity and enable you to become an impressive figure for everyone you communicate with. 

Mastering networking, which is one of the key factors that ensure success in entrepreneurship, allows you to quickly find solution partners for every challenge you encounter or every goal you try to achieve.

This book, which is also seen as an important resource on leadership, provides important  networking tips for entrepreneurs who want to create a successful start-up.

Author: Dale Carnegie


Thinking, Fast and Slow 


Daniel Kahneman talks about the two thinking systems of the mind in his book, which aims at more psychological awareness. One is the quick and emotional part, and the other is the cautious and thoughtful part. 

While the author talks about how these two systems work and how they affect the way we think, he also gives tips on how we can train our minds to think with the right system.

Author: Daniel Kahneman


The E-Myth Revisited


This book is an enhanced version of Gerber's famous The E-Myth. The author has revised the million-selling book to fit in with the current world.

In this book, Michael Gerber aims to cover the difference between working on your business and working in your business. It examines the myths you will encounter while working on your start-up and opens new paths with realistic examples. It can be used as a guide for all types of businesses.

Author: Michael Gerber


Start Something That Matters 


This handbook, which can completely change your perspective on entrepreneurship, presents a business model that explains how you can transform your startup into a creative, valuable, and innovative structure

If working on the idea you're passionate about but achieving radical business growth while doing it is your dream, this book could change your life.

Author: Blake Mycoskie


Creativity, Inc.


This book, like everything Catmull has created, can be expressed as an experience rather than a classic work of art.

Edwin Catmull creates a magical work of art about creativity, considering his time as a manager at Pixar. Entrepreneurs who want to add originality and innovation to their business model can be inspired by it. 

Author: Ed Catmull


The $100 Startup


How can small businesses that start with limited budgets turn into huge companies? Guillebeau explains that a small budget can be enough for development with the right strategies. In this entertaining book, you can find true stories of people who have accomplished great things with limited budgets.

Author: Chris Guillebeau




How does a mindset applicable to your entire business life change your future? Dweck breaks taboos and redefines success from a holistic perspective with this book in which she explains how having a growth mindset changes today and tomorrow.

Mindset is a work of art that can become a bedside book for all entrepreneurs who want to build their start-up on the right growth strategy.

Author: Carol S. Dweck


Get Inspired by Reading Books to Make Your Own Way


With the help of all these inspiring books, it is possible to introduce your great idea to millions of people. However, inspiration alone is not enough for success. It is paramount to work hard, learn from your mistakes and create a unique story.

It is not easy to grow a business from a little seed all by yourself. But no matter how rough the road is, getting a little help from others always makes your job easier.