How to Create Email Marketing Plans in Growth Marketing

Written by Asena Atilla Saunders

Although it is considered to be one of the traditional digital marketing activities, email marketing is still a very relevant marketing strategy. Clichés are clichés for a reason, right?

Email marketing can be highly effective when done right. You can connect with your prospects, nurture them, convert them into customers, and turn them into loyal, raving fans. With smart segmentation, targeting, email automation, and personalized content – there is no way to be unsuccessful with this #1 communication channel.

To learn all the angles of email marketing, you can check our articles below:

Now let us walk you through the entire process of creating an email marketing plan through our online learning platform: the Growth Marketing Hub. And don’t worry if you don’t have an established brand. The Growth Marketing Hub is designed to give you the opportunity to exercise each module and process so that you can just practice and learn.

Email Marketing Planning with the Growth Marketing Hub

You might need the data from your Growth Marketing Strategy input (full brand check-up, personas, positioning, etc.), in order to create your email marketing plans. Before you start, please make sure you have completed the previous stages on the Growth Marketing Hub

For those who don’t have an established brand, or haven’t completed the previous steps, the Growth Marketing Hub can be used to simply exercise each module and process.

We start with the “Email Marketing Planning” menu at the Growth Marketing Hub panel and select the “Create a New Email Marketing Tactic” box.

Create a New Email Marketing Tactic

With this module, you will exercise and learn the important points to consider when creating an email marketing plan.  1- Choose or Create Your Brand/Product At this step, you can either choose one of the brands/products you have created in the “Internal Checkup” phase from the dropdown menu, or you can easily create a new brand.  Select an existing brand:

Or create a new brand:

Click “NEXT STEP” to proceed.

2- Choose or Create Your Persona

Again, you can choose one of the personas you have created in the “Persona Creation” phase from the dropdown menu, create a new persona, or simply choose all personas.

Choose an existing (specific) persona:

Create a new persona:

Choose all personas:

Click “NEXT STEP” to proceed.

Email Type: Depending on your business, persona types, or user behaviours, there are various email types you can send.  

Newsletters: With this email type you send emails to your subscribers periodically and cover many topics (activities, events, insights, awards, promotions, etc).

Triggered or automated emails: These emails are sent based on particular user behaviour. Sending a welcome email to a user who subscribes to your service/newsletter or a cart abandonment email when a user leaves their shopping cart without completing a purchase are the most commonly used automated emails. Because they are triggered by user behaviour, these emails are the most personalized and receive the highest opening rates.

Below, you can see an example of filled out email tactic fields:

You can easily choose the growth area, your main goal, and related growth metrics from the dropdown menu.

You can manually fill out the “Notes/Details about Email Tactic” field with any information you want.

Before sending any emails to your user database, make sure you are compliant with the privacy rights and data protection and laws such as GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, or any regional data protection laws. 

Ready? Click SUBMIT!

View My Email Marketing Plan

You can see all of your created Email Marketing Tactics on this screen. The first tactic you see on the display will be the last one you created. 

You can also create a new tactic, search for an existing one, copy, print, and download your plan as an excel sheet or PDFs, or remove the tactics you have completed or simply want to delete from the list.

When you click on “details”, you will access the tactic details, where you can copy or delete the tactic.

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