NBT Academy January 2019 Growth & Digital Marketing Courses and Training

Written by Asena Atilla Saunders

Hello, 2019! After a successful year, we have more enthusiasm to fulfill our New Years Resolutions and we have more energy for our 2019 events and workshops!

Here are our New Years Resolutions for you to remember:

1) Continue to spread our Growth and Digital Marketing knowledge to businesses, 

2) Support our current and new brands on their global growth journeys, and 

3) Never lose our passion and NBT spirit! 

In this regard, we made sure that we passed on our knowledge and passion through 3 events this month at NBT Academy. Here is a recap of the first month of 2019: 

15.01- INNOGATE, İstanbul

Our founder, Eren Kocyigit delivered a Growth and Digital Marketing Course at INNOGATE Growth Marketing Workshop. He covered the key steps to executing a successful growth and digital marketing strategy containing persona building, growth funnel creation, and management with real-life examples of growth tactics and analysis.

16.01- İTÜ Çekirdek, İstanbul

Eren Kocyigit delivered a Growth Marketing Keynote, this time at İTÜ Çekirdek. He talked about how to achieve sustainable growth through an efficient Growth Marketing strategy. He discussed the importance of persona building, the essential points to consider when building funnels, and how to create growth tactics by associating each tactic with related funnels and personas.

28.01- Solid ICT, İstanbul

Our Growth Marketing Consultant, Ezgi Ada participated in Solid Talks with her presentation, “How to Create and Manage an Effective Content Marketing Strategy” In her Content Marketing Workshop, she talked about the importance of content marketing throughout the customer lifecycle and sales funnels; stages of the content production process, covering planning, production, distribution, analysis, and optimization; and content production according to the buyer’s journey.



About the Institutions



INNOGATE is an international accelerator supported by the Turkish Ministry of Development and Istanbul Development Agency. It provides a holistic program granting attendees access to international connections, and opportunities in the fields of strategy development, market penetration, and business modeling. INNOGATE’s acceleration programs offer mentorship, training, counseling, and networking opportunities to help attendees access the right connections. The INNOGATE Program provides office spaces to its participants at the ITU ARI Teknokent facilities in San Francisco, Chicago 1871, and New York Galvanize.


İTÜ Çekirdek

ITU Çekirdek is an Early-Stage Incubation Centre that supports start-ups that bring science, technology, and design together to turn their innovative business ideas into commercial activities. It is a wide entrepreneurship platform that brings its stakeholders together with entrepreneurs, companies, angel investors, and professionals. ITU Çekirdek offers various opportunities for entrepreneurs such as open office, entrepreneur training, investor meetings, access to ITU seed Prototyping Laboratories, mentorship sessions, infrastructure support, networking, an R&D fund pool, and performance follow-ups.


Solid ICT

Solid ICT is a digital product and software development company, creating innovative digital products including those of website development, back-end development, mobile app development, and UX design.


About our Lecturers and Mentors


Eren Kocyigit, PhD

Marketing Professional – BA Economics, MA Finance, PhD Marketing, Founder of NBT (Next Big Thing)

Eren is a Marketing Lecturer at several universities such as Middlesex University, University of Birmingham, Istanbul Technical University, and Istanbul Bilgi University.

He is also a Mentor / Keynote Speaker / Lecturer at several institutions such as London & Partners, Startupbootcamp, Founder Institute, Innogate, Kworks, and SuCool. He has been offering mentorship and giving keynotes/lectures regarding growth marketing to startups and scaleups since 2013.


Ezgi Ada

Marketing Consultant— BS International Relations, MA Marketing Communication

After occupying the role of assistant regional manager at Yapıkredi, managing relations between banks from 4 continents on many fronts, ranging from the treasury to trade finance and payments, she switched to a career path in the field of marketing. At NBT, she gets to formulate growth marketing strategies to take visionary tech companies and FinTechs to the global stage, helping to find/ helping them to find the next big thing.

She is also a lecturer at Innogate, Endeavor Turkey, and Zorlu Holding.

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