Boost Your Lead Generation with Growth Marketing

Written by Hazal Kaynak

How to Increase Lead Generation with Growth Marketing


Generating leads is one of the biggest challenges for any company. Lead generation is a process that includes lead generation strategies to reach, attract, engage and convert customers. In other words, it is the process in which you reach and attract a prospect with valuable information or a solution to their problems, engage them in the right channels, and convert them into leads by collecting information.

As you can understand, lead generation is not only about the sales team. It also requires a whole marketing team to manage customer relationships. With digitalization, generating leads is gaining more importance for companies every day. Thanks to the growth mindset, it is possible to get a head start. Let’s see what lead generation means in the digital age and how you can implement growth marketing strategies to boost your performance


Lead Generation in the Digital Age


Every marketer knows that today's customers are online, and the internet is their marketplace. Thus, attracting customers via digital channels is a must for lead generation. With the help of digital marketing practices, such as content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing, it is possible to find potential customers and engage with them.



When you reach a prospect or potential customer and gather contact information, they turn into leads. They probably hear about your products or services, and they have an intention to do business with you. Instead of cold calling, you should be able to create a relationship with your customers, find unique ways to attract them, and provide benefits throughout the process.

As a result of digitalization, the amount of reachable information has increased considerably. Today, customers are much more informed about any product or service than before. Considering this, it is possible to say that in the digital age you don't have to spend all your time figuring out your target audience. Instead, you can focus on generating new leads by developing a strong internet presence that benefits your prospects throughout their journey. The internet will give you the answers to where your customers are and what they are doing. So all you need to do is tailor this information to your offers. 


There are many alternatives for every product and service. Thus, the customer decision is not only about the product or service itself, but also about the delight it brings. So it is a two-way street where you gather contact information from your prospects to create unique ways to make your offer and build a relationship by providing benefits.


Lead Generation as a Process


To be more precise, we can clarify the lead generation process step by step:


  1. The journey starts when a stranger becomes a visitor by visiting one of your marketing channels. As customers will find you through your blog, social media, or webpage, this is where you should use all of your content marketing superpowers.
  2. Then, the visitor takes action. Make sure to encourage your visitors to click your call to action button (CTA). You can use an image, button, or message.
  3. The last step is all about gathering information for your offer. The CTA will take your visitor to the landing page. This is where the magic happens for you to collect information and create your unique offer.


Boost Your Leads with Growth Marketing Methodology


You’ve probably heard about growth marketing before. For today's marketers, it is much more than a buzzword. While traditional marketing only focuses on offering a product or service, growth marketing focuses on the entire funnel. It is a holistic approach to achieving sustainable growth with data-driven and experimental methods in every part of  the marketing strategy. 

Growth marketing is a holistic approach to the whole of digital marketing, not only lead generation. Consequently, with growth marketing, the lead generation process turns into a lead management process. Thus, implementing a growth mindset to the lead generation process through the “growth funnel” creates more effective and data-driven lead generation strategies. By using the growth funnel as a guide, it is possible to realize bottlenecks and understand which tactics or strategies to improve through your channels.



The growth funnel consists of three steps that are applicable to the lead generation process:


1. Reach & Attract 


As stated before, the lead generation process starts when a stranger becomes a visitor. In the reach and attract step, it is important to build brand awareness and attract your persona. This brings us to traffic generation management, in which you build your brand awareness strategy using ads, social bookmarking, social media posting, content marketing, and link building.


2. Engage & Convert


Now you need to engage and convert your ideal customers. In this step, you have only seconds to keep your leads on board. Thus, you need to provide a useful and valuable experience through related content. With CRO management, you can use website/app engagement, CTA’s, UX improvements, social media management, and remarketing to achieve higher engagement and convert more customers.


3. Nurture & Close 


This is the last step in which you nurture and close your ideal customers. As its name signifies, it is the lead nurturing management process in which you convert your leads into customers. This process helps you to understand where your leads are in the sales process and which leads are valuable enough to invest in.

Growth marketing is a superpower that grows your business and masters every part of your marketing strategy. It is true that growth marketing is a long-term strategy, but at the end of the day, it is wiser to enhance all of your marketing efforts.


How Growth Marketers Can Boost Your Leads with Growth Marketing 


Now you know what growth marketing is and how it applies to your lead generation process. Then, you should know about growth marketers. Growth marketing teams consist of marketers with analytical skills. 

The significance of a growth marketer comes from the difference between traditional marketers. Instead of focusing only on general marketing strategies, growth marketers use a growth mindset to develop a unique set of marketing strategies to sustain growth holistically

As growth marketing is a dynamic methodology, testing, analysing, and experimenting is the crux of a growth strategy. Contrary to traditional marketers, growth marketers are responsible for day-to-day tasks that analyse the company's performance constantly by:


  • Conducting A/B testing
  • Managing creative content and digital channels
  • Creating referral programs
  • Optimising digital marketing campaigns, such as email marketing
  • Analysing the overall funnel for updates
  • Testing, testing, and testing


The change is here, and it is growth marketing. It is the core methodology to survive in today’s marketing environment. Considering its importance and benefits, it is possible to say that to build and execute growth power, a growth team full of growth professionals is a must


Reveal Your Growth Power with the Best Partner


Keeping up with change is the only way to survive in today’s marketing environment. If you want to become a part of the change and fulfill your company's performance, you can implement the growth mindset in your marketing activities.

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