Let’s Make 2022 Even Better Together

Written by Next Big Thinkers

The year 2021 has been quite a volatile time, where we needed to adapt to fast-changing circumstances and transform in many areas, but we can proudly say NBT has proved itself to be an agile company. In that regard, kudos to the Next Big Thinkers for sharing the same vision and relentlessly working for the same motto: #itsallaboutGROWTH🚀.

This year, we have enhanced our services, training and R&D activities at full steam to leverage the ecosystem and extend our global entity around the world. We would like to share the highlights of 2021 and thank all our stakeholders for this great year.


We Welcomed Our New NBT Partners

One of the top highlights of the year was welcoming our management team: Çiğdem Çetinbaş; Asena Atilla Saunders; Ezgi Ada; Fatih Alper Özen ; Gürhan Avdan; and Yağmur Nur Dölek to the NBT Board as Partners. 

NBT Partners will be working on different fields in 2022 to create added value on a global scale for NBT Growth Services, NBT Growth Academy and NBT Ventures. 


We Laid The Foundation of a New Community for Growth Marketing Enthusiasts

At NBT, what excites us most is the value we bring to the ecosystem, and we’re always looking for new ways to improve this. In this regard, we are ecstatic to announce our new initiative: The Next Big Thing Fellows Program.

With this 100% scholarship program, we're aiming to meet growth marketing enthusiasts and kick-start their careers with a growth mindset. The comprehensive Career Program includes a Bootcamp, Mentorship Sessions, Certification, and Internship/Full-time Offer to Selected Candidates.

By including new people to NBT Fellows each quarter, we will sing it together louder than ever: It’s All About Growth!



We Established NBT Ventures

With a constant need to grow, evolve and innovate, we established NBT Ventures with the aim of building or supporting initiatives that exhibit high growth potential to be the “Next Big Thing”. With our venture-building experience and talent, we’re looking forward to scratching our entrepreneurial itch by turning ideas into feasible and growing businesses.

In 2022 we will be exploring some verticals such as Edtech, Gaming, and Fintech in order to find ideas to turn them into reality, as well as domain experts in these fields to collaborate. 

We will be sharing all the details of NBT Ventures and accepting applications on a global scale in January 2022.  


We Provided More Training, Better Experience and Full Support at NBT Growth Academy

This year we cooperated with new accelerators, incubators and universities in addition to our current partners. We supported more brands, individuals and students in their business or career growth by providing them with workshops, training all backed by our online learning platform – the Growth Marketing Hub (GMH). 

We’ve started to provide tailor-made bootcamps in order to help enterprises adopt a growth mindset and skillset for sustainable growth. We held a wide range of bootcamps to enterprises in various sectors and to different audiences from growth teams to eCommerce teams, and from business partners to sales teams. All our bootcamps were and are supported with our online learning platform – the Growth Marketing Hub (GMH), with the opportunity for continuous learning and practising, as well as reporting.


GMH is Reimagined, Redesigned and Refreshed

After a couple of months of hard work, we recently launched the new version of the Growth Marketing Hub (GMH). And with this update, we’re bringing it all together. 

The new GMH brings together everything that’s required to learn and practice the techniques to build and manage a successful Growth Marketing Strategy - with a great user experience. 



Next Big Thing Joined Yıldız Technopark

We are thrilled to join one of the leading R&D centers in the region to continue our investments in R&D and innovation. Since our motto is #itsallaboutGROWTH🚀, we continue to invest in Growth-Driven Marketing Products, as well as new NBT Ventures. 


We Continue Our Partnerships with Global Leading Brands 

In 2021 we maintained our strategic partnerships with global brands. For Growth Projects, we empowered our growth methodology with Hubspot as a Platinum Hubspot Partner, and for digital marketing courses we facilitated our courses with Digital Marketing Institute as a Silver DMI Partner. Moreover, we continue to support SAP’s partners in their growth projects as an SAP Digital Marketing Service Bureau (DMSB).     


We Are Ready for 2022

We must say that for 6.5 years, each year, every challenge and opportunity has made us feel like we are just starting🚀. 

In 2022 while continuing to create value with our current initiatives, we are also willing to announce more exciting initiatives, such as Growth-Driven Marketing Summit, Growth-Driven Marketing Book, and New Ventures.

As always, we're ready and energised for 2022 with the goal of growing globally, and we look forward to building an extensive community full of growth marketing enthusiasts all over the world.