How to Create Growth Marketing Funnels in Growth Marketing

Written by Asena Atilla Saunders

Growth Funnel

A growth funnel (or a marketing funnel) is the set of phases that a potential customer goes through when making a purchase. It’s a way of breaking down the customer journey (starting with brand awareness through purchase or post-purchase) until the goal you set is met. So, a funnel architecture depends on your goals according to your business strategy and the actions you want your visitors to take. 

Growth funnels are the backbone of your growth marketing strategy and activities. So when building your funnels, you need to consider that: 

Each funnel should be created based on your business model such as B2C, B2B, C2C, etc.

Each funnel should match a brand/product/solution: Your funnels should be built separately for each brand/product or solution such as umbrella brand, sub-brand, or different solutions catering to different demands. 

Each funnel should match a persona: As we mentioned in our Persona Creation Article, every persona’s goals, pain points, and reason for buying your product/service will differ. So you need to create different funnels for each persona.

You’re probably thinking that creating growth funnels sounds complex with its various parameters. But don’t worry, we have simplified the process for you. 

In this article, we will go through how you can easily build your funnels through our online learning platform: the Growth Marketing Hub. And don’t worry if you don’t have an established brand. The Growth Marketing Hub is designed to give you the opportunity to exercise each module and process so that you can just practice and learn.


Growth Funnel Creation with the Growth Marketing Hub

You will need the data from your full brand check-up, personas, and positioning in order to create your funnels. Before you start, please make sure you have completed your Positioning Creation as well as the previous analysis and research on the Growth Marketing Hub

For those who don’t have an established brand, or if you haven’t completed the previous steps, you can use the Growth Marketing Hub to simply exercise each module and process.

We start with the “Growth Funnel Creation” menu at the Growth Marketing Hub panel. You can select the “Create a Growth Funnel” box from the menu to build a new funnel.


Create a Growth Funnel

1- Choose a Brand / Product to Create Growth Funnel

At this step, you can either choose one of the brands/products you have created at the “Internal Checkup” phase- from the dropdown menu, or you can easily create a new brand. 

Select existing:


Or create a new product:


Keep in mind that you should create a different funnel for each brand/product/solution/persona/business model match separately.


2- Choose or Create Your Persona

Again, you can either choose one of the personas you have created at the “Persona Creation” phase- from the dropdown menu, or you can easily create a new persona or you can choose all personas. Choose an existing persona:


Or create a new persona:


You can either choose one of the personas you have already created at the “Persona Creation” phase- from the dropdown menu, create a new persona, or continue without choosing a specific persona by selecting the “All Personas” box. The Growth Marketing Hub allows you to create new personas while automatically linking you to your pre-established personas.


3- Create your Growth Funnel

You will see that there are designated funnel fields which appear automatically. However, since every business’s sales process and CRM systems are different, the Growth Marketing Hub allows you to determine your funnel fields according to your internal process. So rename them, add new ones, delete or rearrange them as much as you like.


Ready? Click SUBMIT!


View Completed Growth Funnels


When you click on a funnel, you will see that you can click on Brand/Product and Persona and reach the information there easily.


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