NBT Records a 5-Star Rated First Review on Clutch

Written by Burcin Genc

Sustainable growth is only possible with a holistic growth mindset. In growth marketing, using search engine optimization or SEO tools just to create SEO optimized content and make your website more visible would never be enough. You need to structure a digital presence that is consistent, engaging and informative to nurture and generate more leads.

At NBT, we are dedicated to helping businesses develop, accelerate and sustain growth to flourish in the future. We strengthen businesses to transform their workforce, accelerators to leverage their ventures' development, and individuals to advance their careers via a blend of substantial assets, products, and learning methods in Growth and Digital Marketing. We support initiatives on all levels that exhibit high growth potential to be the Next Big Thing.

We recently received our first review on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform. RISQ, a software company, needed additional strategies to reach their potential clients as COVID-19 restricted traveling and in-person interaction, which the client used to do. We’ve taken over the client’s digital marketing efforts, including updating their website, creating blogs and gated content, running LinkedIn ads and SEO services.



Here’s what they have to say about working with us:


“We could’ve implemented this digital transformation before the pandemic, but we didn’t believe that it would work better than what we were doing. In reality, we have a wider reach now. Customers come to us looking for solutions, so it actually works better than meeting customers in person.”

Michael Jesse, CEO & Founder, RISQ


We are truly thankful to every one of our clients for their continued support and trust. The excellent reviews they left on our Clutch profile showed that we deliver exceptional work.

In addition to this fantastic review, we are also featured on Top Design Firms, Clutch’s sister site. Buyers can find and partner with the highest-performing design, marketing, and development agencies listed on Top Design Firms that specialize in various industries.

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