NBT Academy April 2020 Growth & Digital Marketing Courses and Training

Written by Asena Atilla Saunders

This month we continued our weekly NBT webinars according to your requests and the feedback we have received from you. Thanks for helping us choose our weekly webinars’ topics. Here is a recap of NBT Academy’s April 2020 Growth & Digital Marketing Courses and Training:


09.04, NBT Academy Webinar: What is Growth Marketing and Why is it Important for Brands?

Our founder, Eren Kocyigit, and Managing Director, Çiğdem Çetinbaş, explained what growth marketing is and why brands, especially startups, need it for sustainable growth. You can access the webinar video here (in Turkish).


16.04, NBT Academy Webinar: How Can You Improve Your Career With DMI?

Our Growth Marketing Consultant, Ezgi Ada, Growth Marketing Director, Taylan Kaymakcı, Eren Kocyigit, and Çiğdem Çetinbaş talked about how you can add value to your career and business with the globally recognized Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) Certificate programs, and they answered attendees’ questions about the courses. You can access the webinar video here (in Turkish).


23.04, NBT Academy Webinar: Building Personas and Funnels

Ezgi Ada, Taylan Kaymakcı, Eren Kocyigit, and our senior Growth Marketing Specialist, Yağmur Dölek, explained the importance of building personas and growth funnels in growth marketing and showed how to create them according to business’ needs. You can access the webinar video here (in Turkish).


29.04, NBT Academy Webinar: Creating Funnel-Based Tactics in Growth Marketing

Eren, Ezgi, Taylan, and Yağmur showed their expertise in creating growth tactics based on growth funnels. They gave examples for both B2B and B2C businesses and showed how to create tactics easily on the Growth Marketing Hub platform. You can access the webinar video here (in Turkish).



30.04, İTÜ Çekirdek & NBT Academy Webinar

Eren attended the “Growth Marketing in the Startup World Webinar” hosted by İTÜ Çekirdek. He explained the importance of Growth Marketing in today’s digital-driven business landscape and all the key steps to consider for a sustainable growth strategy to İTÜ Çekirdek’s startup ecosystem.


NBT is Now Sprint Accelerator’s Content Partner

We’re happy to be included in Now Sprint Accelerator’s startup acceleration programs as their content partner. Soon, we will be announcing Eren’s Growth Marketing workshops hosted by Now Sprint, so stay tuned!



About the Institutions


İTÜ Çekirdek

ITU Çekirdek is an Early-Stage Incubation Centre that supports start-ups that bring science, technology, and design together to turn their innovative business ideas into commercial activities. It is a wide entrepreneurship platform that brings its stakeholders together with entrepreneurs, companies, angel investors, and professionals. ITU Çekirdek offers various opportunities for entrepreneurs such as open office, entrepreneur training, investor meetings, access to ITU seed Prototyping Laboratories, mentorship sessions, infrastructure support, networking, an R&D fund pool, and performance follow-ups.


Now Sprint Accelerator

Now Sprint Accelerator is a pre-accelerator program for startups. The hands-on program includes Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, and Customer Development supported by seasoned instructors and professional mentors.


About our Lecturers and Mentors


Dr. Eren Kocyigit

Marketing Professional – BA Economics, MA Finance, PhD Marketing, Founder of NBT (Next Big Thing)

Eren is a Marketing Lecturer at several universities such as Middlesex University, University of Birmingham, Istanbul Technical University, and Istanbul Bilgi University.

He is also a Mentor / Keynote Speaker / Lecturer at several institutions such as London & Partners, Startupbootcamp, Founder Institute, Innogate, Kworks, and SuCool. He has been offering mentorship and giving keynotes/lectures regarding growth marketing to startups and scaleups since 2013.


Çiğdem Çetinbaş

Managing Director at NBT (Next Big Thing)

Çiğdem is a digital marketing executive, experienced in start-up/scale-up marketing strategy building and implementation. She has expertise in VAS Management, Product Management, and Operations Management in the telecommunication sector. 

She is also a lecturer and mentor at several institutions such as INNOGATE, SUCooL, and KADIGER.


Taylan Kaymakcı

Growth Marketing Director— BS Statistics, MA Business Administration (MBA)

After working for both local and global companies in a marketing capacity in retail, engineering, and finance sectors, he began working in marketing consultancy and rule marketing strategies at NBT, where he consults start-ups & scale-ups.

He is also a lecturer at Innogate and a mentor at Eskişehir Osmangazi University-Statistics Club.


Ezgi Ada

Marketing Consultant— BS International Relations, MA Marketing Communication

After occupying the role of assistant regional manager at Yapıkredi, managing relations between banks from four continents on many fronts, ranging from the treasury to trade finance and payments, Ezgi switched to a career path in the field of marketing. At NBT, she formulates growth marketing strategies to take visionary tech companies and FinTechs to the global stage, helping them find the next big thing.

She is also a lecturer at Innogate, Ulukaya Girişimi, Endeavor Turkey, and Zorlu Holding.


Yağmur Nur Dölek

Senior Growth Marketing Specialist at NBT (Next Big Thing)

Yağmur started her career in the digital marketing field while she was studying at university. After graduation, she gained experience in the manufacturing and banking sectors and developed herself in different fields. Later in her career, she noticed the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly-changing and unpredictable business world and decided to continue her business career in the digital sector. By gaining experience in all areas from performance marketing to strategic management, today she helps companies grow in line with their business goals.

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