NBT Academy February 2020 Growth Marketing Courses

Written by Asena Atilla Saunders

NBT Academy team was on fire this month, working very hard to carry individuals and brands to the global arena. We finalized our onboarding process with DMI and provided training for two Growth-Driven Workshops. Here is a recap of NBT Academy’s February 2020 Growth & Digital Marketing Courses and Training:

The Digital Marketing Institute Launch

We have completed the onboarding process with DMI and added the most popular and globally recognized Digital Marketing Courses and Certifications to our portfolio. This means DMI certification courses are now available in Turkey, and even better- with the NBT Academy Team support! Now, individuals and brands in Turkey can take the classes online, get their DMI certification, and become global players. 

Moreover, they will be able to easily connect to the global DMI Network, access to industry analysis, trends, experts, and world-class content- from any city in Turkey. 

You can check out more about the widely recognized DMI digital marketing courses here

19.02, Endeavour Turkey, İstanbul

Our founder Eren Kocyigit, attended the Growth Marketing Workshop at Endeavour Turkey to support brands who need to structure their marketing strategies in order to accelerate growth. He talked about the importance of Growth Marketing in today’s digital-driven business landscape and all the key steps to consider for a sustainable growth strategy. 

20.02, INNOGATE, İstanbul

With his presentation “How to Build and Execute a Successful Growth Marketing Strategy”, Eren explained the importance of persona and funnel building, and how to create growth tactics by associating each tactic with related funnels and personas, to INNOGATE brands.

About the Institutions


Endeavor Turkey

Endeavor Turkey is one of the branches of Endeavor – the leading global network that supports entrepreneurs and unites them with thought leaders and business people. Since its foundation in 2006,  Endeavor Turkey has aimed to help businesses in Turkey to overcome growth obstacles, promote the success stories of current entrepreneurs, and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs by facilitating the execution of ideas. Endeavor Turkey provides financial and moral support to entrepreneurs through its network of mentors, consultants, and investors consisting of local and international ‘thought leaders’.



INNOGATE is an international accelerator supported by the Turkish Ministry of Development and Istanbul Development Agency. It provides a holistic program granting attendees access to international connections, and opportunities in the fields of strategy development, market penetration, and business modeling. INNOGATE’s acceleration programs offer mentorship, training, counseling, and networking opportunities to help attendees access the right connections. The INNOGATE Program provides office spaces to its participants at the ITU ARI Teknokent facilities in San Francisco, Chicago 1871, and New York Galvanize.


About our Lecturers and Mentors


Dr. Eren Kocyigit

Marketing Professional – BA Economics, MA Finance, PhD Marketing, Founder of NBT (Next Big Thing)

Eren is a Marketing Lecturer at several universities such as Middlesex University, University of Birmingham, Istanbul Technical University, and Istanbul Bilgi University.

He is also a Mentor / Keynote Speaker / Lecturer at several institutions such as London & Partners, Startupbootcamp, Founder Institute, Innogate, Kworks, and SuCool. He has been offering mentorship and giving keynotes/lectures regarding growth marketing to startups and scaleups since 2013.