NBT Academy June 2020 Growth & Digital Marketing Courses and Training

Written by Asena Atilla Saunders

This month, we continued our webinars and started adding them to our online learning platform – the Growth Marketing Hub (GMH). With the aim of providing “continuous learning” to the platform’s users, we’re constantly adding other resources such as guides, tools, online courses, whitepapers, templates, growth tactics, and use cases. 

Here is a recap of NBT Academy’s June Growth & Digital Marketing Courses and Training:

10.06., Webrazzi Digital 2020

This year, Webrazzi Digital 2020 was again a big success, where important speakers from around the world discussed the trends in digital, the changed content consumption, and the buyer journey during the pandemic.

Our founder, Eren Kocyigit, was one of the speakers in this online event and talked about the “Importance of Digital Skills and Digital Mindset in The New Normal”.

11.06., NBT Academy Webinar: How to Create a Growth Marketing Strategy

As promised, we started our webinars in English. On this webinar, Eren covered topics such as how to perform an Internal Checkup, Competitor Analysis, Customer Research, and Analysis as well as creating Personas, Positioning, and Growth Funnels. For those who missed out, you can access the full video by simply clicking this link and subscribing to GMH for free.

16.06., Now Sprint! Accelerator

As one of Now Sprint!’s startup acceleration program partners, we have started our Growth Marketing Workshops for Now Sprint! Accelerator brands. In our first online workshop, Eren talked about how to build and manage a successful growth marketing strategy for startups.

18.06., NBT Academy Webinar: How to Create Growth-Driven Content Marketing Plans

On this webinar, Eren, our Content Marketing Director Asena Atilla Saunders, and our Growth Marketing Consultant Ezgi Ada covered the essential steps in content marketing planning, content creation, publication, analysis, and optimization. They also shared valuable tips and tactics. You can watch the full video by simply clicking this link and subscribing to GMH for free.

23.06., London & Partners

London & Partners Summer Cohort was launched on the 23rd of June and as their strategic partner, we were also with them to support the cohort members. As one of the mentors, Eren gave an online keynote speech about Growth Marketing. 

25.06., NBT Webinar series: GROWTH SPOTLIGHT

We proudly introduce our new webinar series: GROWTH SPOTLIGHT! 

In the first week, we shined a spotlight on ‘Growth Marketing with Hubspot’. The Principal Channel Manager II & Team Lead – MEA Region at HubSpot, Prateek Sharma, joined Eren and they talked about how to utilize Hubspot for growth marketing activities. You can watch the full webinar by clicking this link and subscribing to GMH for free.

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About the Institutions



Webrazzi is the leading tech media company in Turkey, which provides a wide range of news and analysis, from new website initiatives to investments in this field. Followed by the greatest influencers of the sector on a daily basis, Webrazzi announces news and developments related to investment & startup ecosystems in Turkey, and around the globe through Webrazzi English

In addition to its single-day (thematic) conferences regarding e-commerce, mobile, digital, financial services, and entrepreneurship, Webrazzi also organizes influential internet conferences called Webrazzi Summits, in Turkey and nearby regions. Webrazzi Summits host hundreds of guest speakers and attract thousands of domestic and foreign guests.


Now Sprint Accelerator

Now Sprint Accelerator is a pre-accelerator program for startups. The hands-on program includes Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, and Customer Development supported by seasoned instructors and professional mentors.


London & Partners

As the Mayor of London’s official promotional agency, London & Partners focuses on building up London’s international reputation and helping to retain and enhance London’s businesses through its Business Growth Programme.

The London & Partners Business Growth Programme: The programme helps businesses to grow by offering strategic solutions, including mentoring, workshops, business growth advice, and opportunities across its London network.


About our Lecturers and Mentors


Dr. Eren Kocyigit

Marketing Professional – BA Economics, MA Finance, PhD Marketing, Founder of NBT (Next Big Thing)

Eren is a Marketing Lecturer at several universities such as Middlesex University, University of Birmingham, Istanbul Technical University, and Istanbul Bilgi University.

He is also a Mentor / Keynote Speaker / Lecturer at several institutions such as London & Partners, Startupbootcamp, Founder Institute, Innogate, Kworks, and SuCool. He has been offering mentorship and giving keynotes/lectures regarding growth marketing to startups and scaleups since 2013.


Ezgi Ada

Marketing Consultant— BS International Relations, MA Marketing Communication

After occupying the role of assistant regional manager at Yapıkredi, managing relations between banks from four continents on many fronts, ranging from the treasury to trade finance and payments, Ezgi switched to a career path in the field of marketing. At NBT, she formulates growth marketing strategies to take visionary tech companies and FinTechs to the global stage, helping them find the next big thing.

She is also a lecturer at Innogate, Ulukaya Girişimi, Endeavor Turkey, and Zorlu Holding.


Asena Atilla Saunders

Content Marketing Director at NBT (Next Big Thing)

Asena is a marketing director with 17 years of experience in digital marketing, business development, and copywriting in various sectors. She also has expertise in developing and executing content marketing strategies on behalf of global brands, startups and scaleups.

She is a Content Marketing mentor and a lecturer at NBT and several accelerators such as London & Partners and UK Basecamp. 

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