NBT Academy March 2020 Growth & Digital Marketing Courses and Training

Written by Asena Atilla Saunders

Like every other business, our agenda was COVID-19 in March, where we witnessed the rapid shift to “digitalization” and “digital transformation” in every business. Besides digitalization, we see that some skills such as flexibility, adaptation, digital leadership, and self-motivation are becoming more important in today’s business world.

In this regard, after the second week of March, we switched our in-class training online, increased the number of webinars, and added podcasts to NBT Academy activities. Here is a recap of NBT Academy’s March 2020 Growth & Digital Marketing Courses and Training:


06.03, Bethnal Green Ventures, London

Our founder Eren Kocyigit attended the Bethnal Green Ventures’ Future News Fund programme to support UK’s growing businesses in order to structure their growth marketing strategies. He explained the importance of Growth Marketing in today’s digital-driven business landscape and all the key steps to consider for a sustainable growth strategy.


08.03, Ulukaya Girişimi, İstanbul

Our Growth Marketing Consultant Ezgi Ada talked about ‘How to Build and Execute an Effective Growth Marketing Strategy’ at the Goal Setting Workshop hosted by Ulukaya Girişimi. She explained the fundamentals of Growth Marketing to young entrepreneurs from all over Turkey.

She also joined the Ulukaya Girişimi’s podcast where she discussed the importance of growth marketing especially for startups and explained and how its holistic approach helps the brands. You can listen to the podcast here (in Turkish).



11.03, London & Partners, London

Eren attended the Growth Marketing Workshop hosted by London & Partners. He talked about the key steps to executing a successful growth marketing strategy and supported the brands with their funnel, positioning, and persona creation.



19.03, Endeavor Turkey, Online

Starting from the 19th, we continued to share our Growth Marketing expertise online. Ezgi mentored at Endeavor StartUp Campus Program and talked about how to apply a successful growth marketing strategy to businesses. 


26.03, NBT Academy Webinar

As digitalization is becoming one of the hottest topics, we were getting asked about how to build and improve a career in digital marketing. Therefore, we hosted a webinar “How to Build a Career in Growth-Driven Digital Marketing World” where Eren shared valuable insights on this matter. The webinar was in Turkish, but we will host webinars in English soon. You can access the webinar video here.


31.03, Teknopark İstanbul & NBT Academy Webinar

Eren joined Teknopark İstanbul’s ‘Growth Marketing in the Entrepreneurship World’ webinar on the last day of March. He explained what actions entrepreneurs can take during this challenging period and answered the attendees’ questions. You can watch the whole webinar video here (in Turkish).



NBT is Now a SEMrush Partner

We are happy to announce that we have signed a partnership agreement with SEMrush– the world’s leading competitive research service for online marketing. With this strategic partnership, we will improve our support for the growth journeys of brands as well as individuals in our operations and workshops. 


We’re Awarded The SAP MSB Certificate for 2020

We’re proud to be awarded the SAP Marketing Service Bureau (MSB) Certificate for 2020 — for the third year running. With this MSB certificate, we will continue collaborating with SAP Turkiye and support SAP partners with their growth marketing campaigns. 


About the Institutions


Bethnal Green Ventures

Bethnal Green Ventures is Europe’s leading early-stage tech for good Venture Capital. They support enthusiastic entrepreneurs using technology to tackle big social and environmental problems. The venture is recognized as a pioneer of the “tech for good” movement. Bethnal Green Ventures incorporates a meetup group called Tech for Good London -which has now grown to +8,000 members- and a platform- techforgood.global.


Ulukaya Girişimi

Founded by Hamdi Ulukaya, Ulukaya Girişimi is an accelerator that focuses on early startups and young entrepreneurs in Turkey. Ulukaya girişimi supports entrepreneurs through its various programs, helping them to lay a strong foundation with their businesses and grow globally.


London & Partners

As the Mayor of London’s official promotional agency, London & Partners focuses on building up London’s international reputation and helping to retain and enhance London’s businesses through its Business Growth Programme.

The London & Partners Business Growth Programme: The programme helps businesses to grow by offering strategic solutions, including mentoring, workshops, business growth advice, and opportunities across its London network.


Endeavor Turkey

Endeavor Turkey is one of the branches of Endeavor – the leading global network that supports entrepreneurs and unites them with thought leaders and business people. Since its foundation in 2006,  Endeavor Turkey has aimed to help businesses in Turkey to overcome growth obstacles, promote the success stories of current entrepreneurs, and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs by facilitating the execution of ideas. Endeavor Turkey provides financial and moral support to entrepreneurs through its network of mentors, consultants, and investors consisting of local and international ‘thought leaders’.


About our Lecturers and Mentors


Dr. Eren Kocyigit

Marketing Professional – BA Economics, MA Finance, PhD Marketing, Founder of NBT (Next Big Thing)

Eren is a Marketing Lecturer at several universities such as Middlesex University, University of Birmingham, Istanbul Technical University, and Istanbul Bilgi University.

He is also a Mentor / Keynote Speaker / Lecturer at several institutions such as London & Partners, Startupbootcamp, Founder Institute, Innogate, Kworks, and SuCool. He has been offering mentorship and giving keynotes/lectures regarding growth marketing to startups and scaleups since 2013.


Ezgi Ada

Marketing Consultant— BS International Relations, MA Marketing Communication

After occupying the role of assistant regional manager at Yapıkredi, managing relations between banks from four continents on many fronts, ranging from the treasury to trade finance and payments, she switched to a career path in the field of marketing. At NBT, she gets to formulate growth marketing strategies to take visionary tech companies and FinTechs to the global stage, helping them to find the next big thing.

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