We’re Proud to be Awarded The SAP MSB Certificate for 2019

Written by Asena Atilla Saunders

At NBT, we prioritize close collaboration with accelerators, incubators, or any entity that leverages sustainable growth for other organizations. Therefore, we take every opportunity to support our partners or other businesses with our expertise. This being the case, we’re excited to announce that we have been awarded the SAP Marketing Service Bureau Certificate for 2019 — for the second year running!


What is an SAP Marketing Service Bureau?

A Marketing Service Bureau (MSB), is a trained and certified local agency offering SAP partners assistance in building their brand and driving demand. An MSB is required to complete training modules, and have extensive knowledge of industry and SAP Marketing Services as well as SAP partner marketing infrastructure and working tools.

So, as an MSB, we provide SAP Partners with expert level marketing and sales support, assistance with SAP campaigns, offers, tools and processes, and effective use of marketing services and resources. We form an “on-demand” marketing department for SAP Partners and help them to:

  • Extend their reach in the marketplace
  • Generate more business
  • Leverage the networking power and collective intelligence of the MSB network
  • Manage existing SAP channel marketing activities

We are proud to play our part in full-service marketing support for SAP partners, and we will continue collaborating with SAP Turkey on exciting marketing programs. Stay tuned for some case studies of our SAP partner campaigns!