How Logsign Increased Its Leads 5 times With NBT

Written by Asena Atilla Saunders

Logsign is a cybersecurity company, delivering automation-driven and next-generation cybersecurity solutions. Trusted by more than 500 enterprises, the company offers SIEM and SOAR tools that improve workforce efficiency and provide accelerated investigations and threat responses.


Goals and Challenges


Logsign’s overall objective was to establish a structured full-funnel marketing strategy as well as a successful lead management strategy. In this regard, the company’s goals were:

  • Lead generation through building a channel marketing network
  • Reaching potential sales partners and grow in the target markets
  • Achieving sustainable growth globally

On the way of attaining these goals, the company was having difficulties in:

  • Managing full-funnel marketing while collaborating with different stakeholders (marketing operations were managed by different parties). 
  • Breaking down the customer journey and tailoring the lead management strategy according to growth funnels.
  • Being able to move the marketing operations further than the top of the sales funnel. Even though the company was generating traffic to its website, there wasn’t a structured marketing strategy to manage the bottom of the funnel such as engaging, converting, nurturing, and retaining the leads.
  • Enlightening the current customers about the real value and the benefits of Logsign solutions.
  • Achieving end-to-end marketing and sales operations and generating sufficient leads to feed its sales teams.
  • Creating a channel marketing network (partner network) to accelerate sales in global markets.


Download our case study to see how Logsign achieved the results below:


  • Increased its total leads by 430%
  • Improved the CTR of LinkedIn campaigns by 250% 
  • Improved the CTR of Google ads campaigns by 340%
  • Increased qualified leads by X5, 70% of which were potential global sales partners and 30% of which were end-users.
  • Generated qualified leads from 37 countries, all around the world


“Being growth-focused is all the NBT team is about. They strategize carefully and end up with desirable results no matter what. They also take great advantage of growth tools such as HubSpot, which elevates their services to build an end-to-end structure. We are now able to track and understand every metric on the buyer’s journey and act on it successfully. Their agility in taking action and deep-rooted growth mindset combined with HubSpot certainly pay off in carrying our business to the next level.“

Tuğçe Durmaz Türksever

Marketing Director, Logsign







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