E-Book: The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Strategy

Written by Asena Atilla Saunders



B2B sales is getting more complicated with sophisticated and well-educated buyers, high prices, more stakeholders to convince and long sales cycles. Now there are more decision-makers - who have less time - and digital touchpoints involved in a B2B sales process. This change is reshaping the buying behaviour and creating more challenges for sales professionals to execute an effective B2B sales strategy. 

So which strategies should you apply to keep your sales teams up to date? In this e-book, we gathered 5 key questions you need to ask yourself before finalising your B2B sales strategy as well as insights and tactics about the following topics:

  • Defining qualified decision-makers
  • How to conduct competitor research and analysis
  • Establishing your USP (unique selling proposition) for each persona and brand
  • Mapping the sales operations to the customer journey from the brand awareness stage to consideration, decision making and retention
  • How to collaborate with your marketing team and what actions can be taken
  • Building the right lead qualification framework
  • The important sales and marketing metrics you should monitor