Growth Marketing Bootcamp

Transform your skill set, develop digital capabilities and boost your career
Learn and practice how to build and execute a successful Growth and Digital Marketing Strategy through our workshops and our learning platform - the Growth Marketing Hub
Why NBT Growth Marketing Bootcamps?
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What the Growth Marketing Bootcamp Experience Looks Like
Online Training Sessions leveraged by the Growth Marketing Hub (GMH)
Each Growth Marketing Bootcamp Cohort runs for 6 weeks.
Join one of our cohorts and experience an end-to-end training from the experts, with our proven methodology.
Week 1
Growth Marketing Strategy
How to Execute a Growth Marketing Checkup
- Internal Checkup
- Competitive Research Methods
- Customer Research Methods
How to Create a Growth Marketing Strategy
- Persona Creation
- Brand Positioning & Value Proposition Development
- Growth Funnel Architecture Creation
- OKR Management and Test & Learn Metholodogy
Assignments through Growth Marketing Hub
Week 2-3
Growth-Driven Planning & Management
- Growth Funnel Based Action Structure
- Growth Plans / Tactics
Reaching and Attracting Potential Customers
- Content Marketing (covering SEO/ASO)
- Paid Media (covering Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, TikTok Ads, Quora Ads, Reddit Ads, Pinterest Ads)
- Social Media Marketing
- Earned Media Marketing
Assignments through Growth Marketing Hub
Week 4
Engaging and Converting Potential Customers
- Engage & Convert Through Digital Marketing Channels
- CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)
  • Website Engagement
  • App Engagement
Assignments through Growth Marketing Hub
Week 5
Nurturing and Closing Leads
- Nurture & Close Through Digital Marketing Channels
- Integration of Marketing and Sales
- CRM (Customer relationship management)
Retaining Customers and Growing Customer Lifecycle Values
- Retain & Grow Through Digital Marketing Channels
- Customer Lifecycle Management
Assignments through Growth Marketing Hub
Week 6
Growth-Driven Marketing Management
- OKR and Test & Learn Based Growth-Driven Management
- Closed-Loop Reporting
Assignments through Growth Marketing Hub
Continuous Learning & Practise with Growth Marketing Hub
You will get a 6-month access to the GMH Manage Hub and be able to continue practicing the tactics and techniques you learn.
Who Is This Bootcamp For?
Traditional Marketers
looking to upskill into growth-driven and digital marketing
Digital Marketing Professionals
who want to build and manage a sustainable growth marketing strategy
Graduates looking for a career
in digital marketing & career changers who want to learn the latest marketing techniques and methods
Small-Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
who want to grow their business
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