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We're a Growth-Driven Marketing agency providing end-to-end Growth and Digital Marketing services to startups, scale-ups, enterprises and agencies.

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Proven Success Methodology

Our approach called "the Growth Marketing Loop" is proven to implement the right growth structure. We collect information, position your umbrella and sub brands, create your marketing strategy and plans accordingly and constantly monitor, measure & optimise for sustainable growth.

Growth Marketing Checkup

1-Internal Analysis

2-Competitor Research

3-Potential and Current Customer Insights

4-Marketing Machine Setup

Growth Marketing Strategy Development

Analysis & Strategy Development Through the Marketing Machine

1-Creating Personas and Matching each Persona with a Brand/Product/Solution

2-Building Growth Funnels

3-Determining the Positioning Statements for Each Funnel

4-Creating Targeted Metrics for Each Funnel

Growth Marketing Planning

Funnel Based Planning Through the Marketing Machine

1-Creating Growth Marketing Plans by associating each tactic with related funnel(s) and persona(s)

2-Adding targeted metrics for each tactic

3-Adding the Growth Funnel Area (TOFU-MOFU-BOFU) for each tactic

Growth Driven Management & Optimisation

Iteration with Targeted Metrics Through the Marketing Machine

1-Brand Awareness + Traffic Generation Metrics

2-Lead Generation Metrics

3-Customer Generation Metrics

4-Retention Metrics

Powered by Marketing Machine

We run our Growth Marketing operations through our all-in-one marketing suite: the Marketing Machine Platform.

Our data-driven platform allows its users to build growth funnels, create & execute growth plans and monitor key growth metrics with comprehensive real-time and periodic reports.

We also give access to our clients so that they can monitor their Growth Marketing activities through the platform.

Building Growth Funnels

The Marketing Machine enables its users to;

–Create Growth Funnels based on the brand/product, business model and personas.

–Map the Growth Funnels to landing pages and integrate the Google Analytics and CRM systems to capture all of the funnel data

–Build and monitor as many funnels as needed on one screen

–Manage persona, product, landing page and positioning details through the Strategy Matrix

Creating Growth Plans

Through the platform, users can build and manage their growth plans in following channels:

-Paid Media/PPC

-Content Marketing


-Email Marketing

-Social Media

-Website/app Engagement

-Earned Media Plans

They can also generate growth tactics in 4 different growth areas: Reach/Attract, Engage/Convert, Nurture/Close and Retain/Grow, and match each tactic with related growth funnels and personas to achieve end-to-end marketing plans.

Monitoring Growth Metrics

Our end-to-end platform correlates and links data and inputs at each stage. It allows its users to monitor key growth metrics powered by Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Data Studio, Facebook, LinkedIn, SEMRush, Google Ads and Mailchimp.

Real-time reports: Traffic Overview Metrics, Social Media Metrics, Google Organic Search Metrics, SEO Audit and Keyword Reports, Paid Media Metrics, Email Marketing Metrics, Conversion Overview, Lead Tracking, Lead & Customer Acquisition Reports, Growth Funnel Reports for Online Leads, Growth Funnel Reports for CRM Leads, Top Growth Funnel Reports

Weekly and monthly reports: Growth Plans & Tactics Schedule, Top Growth Funnels, Lead Performance Reports, Real Time Lead Notification, SEO Audit Report, SEO Keyword Ranking Report

Transparent Credit-Based Pricing

Pay for the services you use

Our pricing is flexible, what we call "marketing-as-a-service pricing".

Every growth tactic requires a couple of tasks and a credit is set for each task. We build a roadmap with you where we determine the plans and tactics according to your growth marketing strategy and specify the services needed. Then, we associate the credits (cost) for those services & tasks either monthly or for a mutually agreed period. In this way, you only pay for the services you need and credits you spent. You will be able to monitor how much credit you've spent either from the weekly emails or simply through the Marketing Machine.

Success Stories


How Logsign Increased Its

Leads 5 times With NBT (Next Big Thing)


"Being growth-focused is all the NBT team is about. They strategize carefully and end up with desirable results no matter what. They also take great advantage of growth tools such as HubSpot, which elevates their services to build an end-to-end structure. We are now able to track and understand every metric on the buyer’s journey and act on it successfully. Their agility in taking action and deep-rooted growth mindset combined with HubSpot certainly pay off in carrying our business to the next level."

Tuğçe Durmaz Türksever
Marketing Director at Logsign
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How adesso Turkey Implemented a Successful

Growth Marketing Strategy with NBT (Next Big Thing)


"It was very important for us to be able to iterate our end-to-end marketing operations agilely, and the Marketing Machine is a great platform for this purpose. We also thank the NBT team for their support in daily operations and for the growth tactics they recommended to us."

Duygu Bulum
Marketing Communications Manager at adesso
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How SAP Implemented a

Successful Lead Generation Strategy with NBT (Next Big Thing)


"We have been working with NBT (Next Big Thing) since 2018. The NBT growth marketing team doesn’t just provide us with digital marketing support in daily operations but also guides us with valuable insights and effective strategic action plans. We are very happy with the wonderful synergy between both teams regarding our lead generation activities. It’s great how easy it is to access valuable data through the Marketing Machine’s real-time reports."

Özlem Kestioğlu
Head of Marketing South Europe & Franchophone Africa at SAP
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How Electrolux Professional Improved Its

Lead Generation and Nurturing Process with NBT (Next Big Thing)


"Since the beginning of our collaboration, we are very pleased with the support of the NBT team regarding the strategic advice insights and the clear roadmap they provide as well as the dedicated operation team. It's also great to see a real increase in our critical growth metrics, which we can monitor whenever we want from the Marketing Machine."

Sebla Genç
Marketing Manager
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HubSpot Consultancy and Services

HubSpot Onboarding & Implementation

Our team designs an onboarding plan according to your goals with HubSpot, your team structure, the HubSpot products you purchased, your current technology stack, and how it integrates with HubSpot.

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HubSpot Ongoing Consultancy

As a part of our Growth Marketing with HubSpot program, you will have access to a dedicated consultant to achieve your marketing goals. Whether you're new to HubSpot or an experienced user, your consultant will use their extensive expertise to provide training, best practices, and overall strategic direction that will help your team optimise their use of HubSpot.

During your consulting engagement, your HubSpot expert will provide guidance on:

  • Planning marketing campaigns (Buyer persona development, Campaign development and optimization, Audit of marketing assets (landing pages, emails, blogs), Email and marketing automation strategies, etc.
  • Best practices to set up HubSpot in a way that helps your team achieve optimal results
  • Quantifying the impact of your marketing activities with reporting and KPI tracking

HubSpot Training

Our consultans provide the following HubSpot trainings:

  • Marketing Hub Fundamentals
  • Sales Hub Fundamentals
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment

Customer Stories for HubSpot

Growth Marketing Bootcamp

Transform your teams' skillsets for sustainable growth

Consultation Meeting

We determine your organisation’s objective and training needs


We define the curriculum and agenda in line with your organisational needs


Your teams receive end-to-end training from the experts, with our proven methodology

Customer Stories for Bootcamp

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