NBT Academy February 2021 Growth Marketing Courses

Written by Asena Atilla Saunders

This month, we continued providing brands with bespoke workshops; and individuals with on-demand courses. We are also pleased to receive great endorsements from DMI alumni and we’re so proud to be a part of their learning journey. We would like to share some feedback with you: 



“I have received digital training/courses on various platforms, but so far, I can easily say that DMI has provided me with the best experience. The interactive structure that facilitates learning, the storytelling in the courses, and training materials were crafted skillfully. Not to mention the significant experience of the trainers, the bonus content, and the certificate of achievement with a professional exam. I really felt like I was getting a world-class education and this makes me extremely happy.” Fırat Demirel, Technology Writer 



“The greatest benefit of DMI to me was that it provided me all the comprehensive modules (like email, social media, google analytics, Facebook ads manager, etc) in a proper order that otherwise, I would give up while trying to learn one by one separately. 

Being able to experience the use of the most important and widely used programs in digital marketing with interactive courses, was the primary factor that I was satisfied with this program. I learned the modules more easily through the tools and end-of-module quizzes, by applying what I’ve learned in practice. Now, I have the world's most popular and recognised digital marketing certificate. I have comprehensive knowledge about the forms of digital marketing, their roles, and purposes, how they can be implemented, how they can be carried out under limitations. I am excited about the future opportunities in my career that the DMI certification will create.” Yeşim İpek, Business Engineer


And here is the recap of NBT Academy’s February Growth & Digital Marketing Courses and Training:

09.02., Now Sprint! Accelerator 1-1 mentorship session

Our Growth Marketing Consultants, Ezgi Ada, and Yağmur Nur Dölek provided a mentorship session with one of Now Sprint! Accelerator brands. They guided the start-up on how to build a successful Growth Marketing strategy and shared some growth tactics regarding traffic and lead generation.

We're happy to be included in Endeavor Turkey’s 3rd cohort

As a program partner, we're excited to be included in Endeavor Turkey’s ScaleUp Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program once again. Ezgi Ada and our founder Dr. Eren Kocyigit will be supporting Endeavor Turkey’s 3rd cohort brands, through growth marketing workshops and mentorship sessions. 


About the Institutions


Now Sprint! Accelerator

Now Sprint Accelerator is a pre-accelerator program for startups. The hands-on program includes Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, and Customer Development supported by seasoned instructors and professional mentors.


Endeavor Turkey

Endeavor Turkey is one of the branches of Endeavor - the leading global network that supports entrepreneurs and unites them with thought leaders and business people. Since its foundation in 2006,  Endeavor Turkey has aimed to help businesses in Turkey to overcome growth obstacles, promote the success stories of current entrepreneurs, and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs by facilitating the execution of ideas. Endeavor Turkey provides financial and moral support to entrepreneurs through its network of mentors, consultants, and investors consisting of local and international thought leaders.


About our Lecturers and Mentors


Ezgi Ada

Marketing Consultant — BS International Relations, MA Marketing Communication, Certified Digital Marketing Professional (Digital Marketing Institute)

After occupying the role of assistant regional manager at Yapıkredi, managing relations between banks from four continents on many fronts, ranging from the treasury to trade finance and payments, she switched to a career path in the field of marketing. At NBT, she gets to formulate growth marketing strategies to take visionary tech companies and FinTechs to the global stage, helping them to find the next big thing.

She is also a lecturer at the European Institute of Applied Science and Management, Innogate, Ulukaya Girişim, Zorlu Holding, and a mentor at Now Sprint and Endeavor Turkey.


Yagmur Nur Dolek

Growth Marketing Consultant at NBT (Next Big Thing), Certified Digital Marketing Professional (Digital Marketing Institute)

Yagmur started her career in the digital marketing field while she was studying at the university. After her graduation, she gained experience in the manufacturing and banking sectors and developed herself in different fields. Later in her career, she noticed the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly-changing global and unpredictable business world and decided to continue her business career in the digital sector. By gaining experience in all areas from performance marketing to strategic management, today she helps companies grow in line with their business goals.