How Medianova Increased Its Organic Traffic by %43 with NBT Growth Services

Written by Efe Egilmez



Medianova is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) company, providing global CDN solutions and cloud platforms. With 51 datacenters, footprints in 21 countries, and a 100% SSD-powered anycast network, the company is experienced in streaming, encoding, caching, microcaching, hybrid CDN, and website acceleration. 


Goals and Challenges

Medianova faced the following overall challenges :

  • Low organic traffic
  • Low levels of global brand awareness
  • Low conversion rates
  • Lack of high-quality leads
  • Lack of ability to monitor the lead journey

In order to overcome these challenges, the company set the following goals:

  • Drive better persona engagement to build a positive brand experience
  • Develop meaningful relationships with current and potential customers
  • Increase brand awareness to cast a wide net across potential buyers
  • Generate more qualified leads to attract attention for a relevant audience with appropriate timing, and to make the process more productive
  • Increase the conversion rate to get more sales with the same effort
  • Integrate the sales pipeline and customer journey, and therefore be able to monitor the lead funnel


Download our case study to see how Medianova achieved the results below:

  • Organic traffic was increased by 40% 
  • The average session duration was boosted by 43%
  • Medianova ranked #1 on Google searches in Turkey for the most important keyword (CDN) for the brand
  • Leads from organic traffic were increased by 85% 


“An outstanding growth partner”

We've been working with NBT and growing our business since 2017. Thanks to the end-to-end structure we've built with them, we are now able to track and understand every metric and act on it successfully. Implementing Hubspot into our current growth structure enabled us to be in full control of the customer journey and took our services to the next level. I am very impressed with the NBT team's vision in every business decision, and I highly recommend both their consultancy and operational services.

Müjde Karakaya,

Senior Marketing Specialist, MEDIANOVA


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