How RISQ Increased Its Organic Website Sessions by 145% with NBT Growth Services

Written by Efe Egilmez



Founded with the aim of reviving the financial industry that has been stuck in regulation and limited to marginal operational improvements through the use of simple automation and integration, RISQ provides next-generation solutions leveraged by 30+ years of industry expertise, innovation and functional excellence.



With efficiency, efficacy, innovation, simplicity, and customer-centricity at its core values, RISQ wanted to contact more potential customers and boost brand awareness to continue adding the most possible value to the finance industry.

Therefore it aimed to make its online presence much stronger, and, consequently, generate more leads.


Download our case study to see how RISQ achieved the results below:

Between Q3 2020- Q3 2021,

  • Digital leads increased by 120% 
  • The number of website sessions increased by 120%
  • The number of organic website sessions increased by 145%
  • Gained x3 LinkedIn followers


“Great people, success is tangible!

We engaged NBT for a 6-months 360 review of our digital marketing and together with NBT we have built everything from personas to website content, keywords, social media posts or LinkedIn Ads. After all the revision was completed (around 3 months) we saw the first leads coming from accounts we never engaged before with the exact key persona we were targeting. Also, most of our website visits today we get from social media and not as before through direct search. NBT has amazing people who know their job very well, are passionate about what they are doing and understand our business in detail. I can only highly recommend them.” 

Michael Jesse, CEO and Co-Founder, RISQ


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