How To Become a Growth Marketer

Written by Oguz Ozdil

How Can You Become a Growth Marketer? 


The digitalization trend is blowing like the wind and is dragging all industries with it. As a result of this evolution arising from technological developments and new communication methods, traditional business growth methods have become a thing of the past in a short time. Every organisation now has to dominate digital channels with data-driven methods for sustainable and scalable growth.

But growth in the modern world is not just about dominating the digital world. The possibilities of accessing information in the digital world are almost unlimited and customers are constantly exposed to product or service promotions that pop out from every corner. For this reason, it’s not enough for customers to simply hear the name of your brand or product anymore.

For this reason, in order to grow your organisation in the modern world, you need a growth strategy that is in line with current customer expectations and covers the marketing experience holistically. This is why growth marketing, which emerged in response to this need, has gained importance for the future of organisations and industries. As growth marketing has become a game-changer in the business world, positions in this field are increasing and more and more people are looking to build a career in the field.

In this article, we'll talk about how to become a growth marketer -and ultimately a growth marketing manager- by developing yourself in the unique dynamics of this field.


What Is Growth Marketing?


Growth marketing is a holistic marketing methodology that uses digital and, if necessary, traditional marketing channels to achieve scalable growth. Growth marketing does not focus solely on the brand awareness or customer acquisition parts of the marketing funnel. Instead, it focuses on the entire structure, assessing the impact of each part from the top of the funnel to the bottom. Thus, it concentrates on the goal of sustainable and strategic growth instead of instant and unplanned growth.

Based on goal-oriented planning, this methodology evolves traditional marketing methods with company-based analysis. Growth marketers constantly monitor the characteristics of the organisation and create short and long term goals. Because these goals are always set in a data-driven way, the results can be objectively tested. As a result of these tests, goals that do not contribute enough to growth can be easily rearranged. 

Growth marketers learn digital marketing methods such as email marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing to use them when necessary. But marketing with these methods is not their ultimate goal. The main purpose is to achieve short and long-term goals. From this point of view, it can be said that growth marketing offers more holistic solutions compared to the field of digital marketing.



Are Growth Marketing And Growth Hacking the Same Thing?


The term “growth hacking” is a concept that is often confused with growth marketing. Growth hacking is the general name given to methods applied to quickly turn small-scale companies into an actor in the sector. Since these methods based on aggressive growth tactics do not consider growth planning and sustainability, they do not provide the long-term scalable growth provided by growth marketing. 

For a growth hacker, it is sufficient to know only certain techniques. Being a growth marketer requires building a growth mindset and expanding the skill set every day. Companies that grow with growth hacking methods generally cannot maintain their growth trend and go into a downsizing phase before they can reach their long-term potential.


What Kind of Roadmap Should be Followed to Become a Growth Marketer? 


Of course, being a growth marketer doesn't necessarily mean building a career in growth marketing. But in every corner of the world, the need for successful growth marketers is increasing day by day. For this reason, when you take the right steps to use the growth marketing mentality to build a solid future, it is possible to make a positive difference in all aspects.

Here are some steps you can take to become a key player in the growth marketing industry and become a growth marketing manager:


Improve Yourself With Training


The most important step in becoming a growth marketer is to learn to look at every aspect of marketing with a holistic growth mindset. Building this mindset is not an easy process. For this reason, it is critical to receive courses or boot camps from organisations that are experts in the field. 

This training will change your perspective step by step. Of course, education should also give you the skill set you will need in the field of growth marketing. When you combine the right mindset with a consistently supported skill set, you can become an unstoppable growth marketing champion.


Follow Industrial Leaders & Trends


With the expansion of the growth marketing field, leading figures have started to create content to contribute to the new actors of the sector and to explain the current situation by sharing their sectoral experiences. By following these leaders, you can grasp their mindset and gain insight into industry dynamics by discovering their perspectives.

In addition, since the field of growth marketing has a flexible structure that evolves with changes in customer expectations, following industry trends will help you understand the future of growth marketing and the direction of its path.


Build a Network


Follow events created about growth marketing and try to participate whenever you can. Get in touch with figures in the industry. The more you develop your connection with the industry, the more you become part of the growth marketing community. Thus, you can easily find actors who can measure your growth marketing capabilities and help you create your career path when needed.



Find Opportunities to Practice


It's important to simulate what it's like to be a growth marketer in order to have a growth marketer's instincts and gain confidence in handling potential challenges you can face when creating marketing campaigns. One of the most productive ways to do this is to do an internship within an organisation that has an active role in the field or to be involved in growth marketing projects. Doing this will both strengthen your resume and increase your industry experience.


Improve Yourself in the Field Without Stopping


Proving and presenting your skills is as important as unlocking your potential when creating a career in growth marketing. Obtaining certificates through courses or workshops is one of the most important ways to both improve yourself and prove your progress. These certifications may be directly related to the field as a whole, or they may be related to the sub-branches and tools of growth marketing. 

In addition, participating in important events, learning a language to move towards different markets, or creating content where you can lead the sector with your knowledge will positively affect both your resume and your career.


How to Become a Growth Marketing Manager 


All growth enthusiasts are natural growth marketing manager candidates. What you need to become a growth marketing manager is to build a roof whose tiles are managerial skills on top of your core growth marketing skills

By combining your sectoral achievements with training, you can improve yourself in managerial areas such as project management, leadership, organisation, and communication. And when you prove yourself as a leader in your business life, management will become an inevitable stop in your growth marketing career path.



Don’t Hesitate to Take the First Step


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