7 Types of Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing strategy

78% of customers search online before making a purchase, meaning that a strong online presence is more than necessary for the companies. As competition has been raised, nowadays building a digital marketing strategy that provides a strong online presence is not easy.

If you want to build your digital marketing strategy successfully but don't want to handle it in-house, you might be looking for a digital marketing agency to hire. According to their specialisation, agency offers might vary and you can feel overwhelmed in deciding which one is right for you and what you should expect from them.

Choosing the right digital marketing agency depends on your business needs and goals. Thus, we’ve broken down different types of digital marketing agencies to show what sets these companies apart. Buckle up! We are starting.

1. Advertising Agency

Advertising agencies are probably the most old-established ones in the sector. They can also be called ad agencies or creative agencies. Contrary to other marketing agencies, they focus on creating, planning, and executing both traditional and digital advertising campaigns for their clients.

2. Digital Agency

If you think you need help with promoting your products, services, or brand online, you might consider hiring a digital agency.

Digital agencies can provide a variety of digital solutions to help you out with your online marketing strategy. They offer different digital marketing services including strategy, marketing, design, and development to enhance your online strategy.

3. Social Media Agency

Social media agencies can help you to get more leads

According to Hubspot statistics, currently, 420 billion people use social media channels actively. In addition to that, 54% of people use social media channels to learn about products or services that they are interested in. For this reason, building a solid social media strategy is significant to take into consideration. If you play the social media game by its rules, social media channels might be your new partner in crime to succeed.

Well, then how can social media agencies help? The answer is simple. They can build and maintain social media strategies to provide you with a solid social media presence.

Mostly, social media agencies offer a variety of services related to social media marketing, including;

  • Promoting your brand across social media channels such as Instagram, Linkedln, and Tiktok.
  • Creating content including blog posts, ebooks, etc. for your brand and publishing on social media channels.
  • Maintaining your brand’s community on social media channels.
  • Planning social media ads for your company or brand.

4. Growth Marketing Agency

You probably know that growth marketing is the essential approach to ensure long-term sustainable growth.

Growth marketing is a holistic approach to all digital marketing efforts. So, if you want to build and execute a successful digital marketing strategy holistically, what you need is a growth marketing agency.

A highly skilled marketing agency with a growth mindset can create and implement the right growth marketing strategy for your company. They can help you achieve your business goals by improving experimental and data-driven growth strategies to find out the strengths and weaknesses in your overall digital marketing strategy.

As growth agencies concentrate on creating growth marketing strategies to achieve overall company growth, they cover all earned, owned, and paid media efforts.

Growth marketing agencies use growth funnels as a guide

If you keep a good growth marketing agency on board, they can implement a successful growth marketing strategy for your digital marketing efforts in four easy steps. They start with defining your personas and creating persona-based growth funnels. Accordingly, they improve growth tactics to achieve your business objectives. Last but not least, they continuously monitor, measure, and optimise the overall performance of your digital marketing strategy.

5. SEO Agency

We know that with its functionality and cost-effectiveness, search engine optimization always gives marketers excitement. As building a solid SEO strategy means being easily discoverable by search engines, it always stays on top of the digital marketing strategies.

If you want to rank higher on search engine results, SEO agencies can help you out.

Search engine optimization agencies offer various strategies to optimise all your online content according to SEO metrics. These strategies include efforts such as keyword research, website and backlink audits, metadata assessment, video description optimisation, and link building.

6. PPC Agency

As PPC is a type of digital advertising where the company pays a fee any time a person clicks on an ad, agencies that focus on PPC can help you spend your money more effectively.

PPC agencies specialise in paid media efforts. They can set up, report, and optimise paid media campaigns for your company and run paid advertisements through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

If you operate in a highly competitive market that relies heavily on paid search, working with a PPC agency might be a good idea to get a competitive advantage.

7. Influencer Marketing Agency

As the name implies, influencer marketing agencies work with both influencers and companies to run influencer marketing campaigns. According to their specialisations, they can offer to run influencer marketing campaigns through one or multiple social channels.

Agencies that focus on influencer marketing can strategize, execute, and manage influencer marketing campaigns for their clients with product placements, sponsored content, paid sponsorships, and influencer ads.

Influencer marketing

To Sum Up,

Seeing different digital marketing agency types everywhere might be confusing but that is not important. The crux of building a successful digital marketing strategy is having a growth mindset.

With growth marketing, you can enhance all your marketing efforts holistically and provide sustainable growth for your company.

If you need a growth agency with a solid background to help you out, you can meet with NBT’s proven growth marketing methodology to go one step beyond classical digital marketing strategies.

At NBT, we are looking at the whole picture to help you achieve your business goals. Thus, we are committed to helping your business with end-to-end growth and digital marketing services to build, accelerate, and thrive in the future.